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Integrated HSEQ Management Policy

Safe T Cert

It is the established policy of KC Civil Engineering Ltd to provide civil engineering infrastructural works and services that are fit for their intended purpose in that they are delivered in strict accordance with the company integrated HSEQ procedures and the requirements of ISO – 9001, ISO – 14,001 and Safe "T" Cert.

KC Civil Engineering Ltd also regards an integrated system of HSEQ as being of major importance in the prevention of injury and ill health and harm to the environment. An integrated system of quality management also helps us deliver quality work.

We also provide an efficient system for the organization, planning and implementation of HSEQ measures and to ensure high HSEQ standards are maintained at all times. We also fully committed to the process of continuous improvement.

Our HSEQ objectives are being achieved through the following measures :-

  1. Complying with, and wherever possible, exceeding all HSEQ objectives including health, safety, environmental and quality assurance,
  2. Identifying and controlling the health, safety, environmental and quality hazards arising from our activities.
  3. Setting, measuring and reviewing specific SHEQ objectives and KPI targets and developing an improvement programme to meet them.
  4. Preventing pollution and reducing adverse impacts on the environment which arise through our activities.
  5. Using energy and water efficiently, and managing the use of natural resources in an environmentally sensitive manner;
  6. Promoting the efficient reuse and recycling of materials and minimising the amount of waste that we produce and diligently exercise a duty of care to ensure responsible and lawful disposal of all wastes produced
  7. Providing the resources required for the effective implementation of this policy;
  8. Initiating regular reviews to check effectiveness and on-going suitability of this HSEQ policy;
  9. Carrying out comprehensive risk assessments to develop safe systems and procedures;

All employees are considered responsible for the quality of their own work, the health and safety of themselves and others, and the environmental impact of their actions. All employees are also expected to be committed to the effective operation of our HSEQ system. This document will be displayed prominently at all sites and workplaces and will be communicated to all employees and others working under the company's control to ensure they understand the policy requirements.

By being displayed on our Website, we are making this policy publicly available to interested parties.

Chris Wholey

Managing Director.

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