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M1 Motorway Upgrade Works

M1 Motorway Upgrade Works
Client Fingal County Council / Siac Construction
Value €9.0 million
Value our Works €3.4 million
Dates Feb 2012 to May 2013

Project Description

This famous landmark infrastructural project adjacent to Dublin Airport consisted of two separate sections of work; the first being the installation of an additional motorway lane to both existing carriageways. The second part of the works involved a full online upgrade of the interchange at Junction 4 whilst maintaining live traffic at all times. The scope of works involved substantial drainage operations in excess of 4.5km in length, with sizes ranging between 225mm and 1200mm in diameter at depths up to 4.50m. All works were undertaken in a live traffic environment and called upon substantial traffic management with daily changes to varioguard and fencing layouts to suit the proposed works without affecting or disrupting the live traffic. It was also necessary to undertake road crossings at night which involved reducing carriageways to just one lane. All traffic flows had to be back to normal by 6am the following day.

N7 Castletown to Neenagh Motorway Project

N7 Castletown to Neenagh Motorway Project
Client Laois County Council / Bowen - Somague Joint venture
Value €50 million
Value our Works €10 million
Dates April 2008 to Dec 2010

Project Description

Working in partnership with the Somague - Bowen Joint Venture, KC Civil Engineering Ltd completed €10 million's worth of civil engineering infrastructural work on this overall €50 million project.

Our works involved the installation of all pre-earthworks drainage, 4.5km of main drainage with sizes ranging between 100mm to 525mm diameter, attenuation tanks, and services installations for this 36km stretch of the new motorway project. The works comprised also of two interchanges and numerous side roads. All works to side roads were undertaken in a live traffic environment.

As part of the scheme we also installed 6km of 150mm Class C watermain, 5km of 300mm ductile iron pipe, 5km of 100mm PE100 watermain, 5km of 150mm PE100, and 4.5km of 250mm PE100 pipe, all associated valves, chambers and fittings.

The Naul Road Upgrade Project, Balbriggan, Co. Dublin

The Naul Road Upgrade Project, Balbriggan, Co. Dublin
Client Fingal County Council
Value €1.3 million
Value our Works €1.3 million
Dates Aug 2012 to April 2013

Project Description

This scheme involved the upgrade of approximately 1km of the Naul Road within the town of Balbriggan, Co. Dublin. The scheme was an online upgrade involving the replacement of an existing traffic light junction and the introduction of a Toucan Crossing.

The contract involved also the installation of new drainage lines, watermains and associated chambers, live house & gully connections, public lighting, new kerbing, footways and cycle tracks as well as the protection and diversion of many existing services as required.

As all works were undertaken in a busy and built up area, KC Civil Engineering Ltd designed and implemented effective and efficient traffic management techniques.

A1 Brzezie 50km Motorway Project, Brzezie, Poland

A1 Brzezie 50km Motorway Project, Brzezie, Poland
Client SRB, Sisk Roadbridge Joint Venture
Value €200 million
Value our Works €2.5 million
Dates Sept 2009 to Sept 2011

Project Description

This was a 50km Motorway Project in Poland. On this scheme, KC worked in partnership with the SRB Joint venture towards the successful delivery of the project. We constructed bulk earthworks, main drainage lines, chambers, cast in situ chambers, gullies and all services installation. We also delivered most of the granular fill operations.

This project consisted of 250,000m3 of excavation and fill, 100km of drainage and services installation, 5 bridges, and 500,000 surface treatment and surfacing.

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